What is My Health Record?

My Health Record is a secure online summary of your healthcare information, and may include details of medical consultations, prescribed medicines and your choices about organ donation.

More than five million people already have a My Health Record and the Australian Government is taking steps to create one for every resident, commencing from mid-2018.

If you want to get started before then, you will need a myGov account for access to Federal Government services. If you don't have one, or wish to check if you do, you can begin here.

Once your myGov account is active, you'll need information such as your Medicare card handy so you can set up your My Health Record. You can read more about getting ready for My Health Record here.

Once you've completed the steps above, HealthNow is simple to use. It is designed to connect to your My Health Record as quickly as possible, providing you the convenience and access to your health information at your fingertips via your mobile device.

Benefits of My Health Record

Do you have to rummage through mounds of paperwork whenever you're asked about vaccinations or medications? My Health Record is designed to provide you with a centralised source for this type of information and is made accessible online or via connected applications such as HealthNow.

Things you can do with the My Health Record include:

  • Add personal notes about your health, your allergies and how you use medications
  • Connect to family and friends' My Health Record, if you have appropriate permissions  
  • Store the contact details for your Advance Care Custodian - the person who has access to your documentation in case of a medical emergency
  • View important clinical documents prepared by health professionals, such as doctors or hospitals, detailing your care.
  • Manage access to your record, so you control who sees your healthcare information.

Further information on the benefits of the My Health Record is available here.